Sailing continues for Year 5

Our sailing programme at Percuil Paddle and Sail is progressing very well and this week our second group of Year 5s got to experience the joy of being on the water. The sessions are brilliantly run by Bob and the team and it won’t be long before our new group are able to navigate their way around the creek.

Our sailing programme will run until late October, which will mean that all current Year 5 children will have had the opportunity for over 10 hours of sailing tuition completely free of charge. We are planning to continue the programme in the summer of 2023 with our new cohort of Year 5 children.

Year 6 Countdown Cricket Tournament

On Thursday we experienced our first tournament win of the year when our Year 6 boys team won the Countdown Cricket Open Event at Camborne Cricket Club. The boys won all four matches, increasing their margin of victory with each game played, and have now qualified for the County finals, which are being held at Truro Cricket Club next Wednesday. The boys improved in all areas throughout the day with their fielding impressing in particular.

We also took a Year 6 girls team to the tournament and despite most of the players having very little experience, they showed themselves to be quick learners. The girls came third overall and were commended by the organisers for their outstanding team spirit – from the first ball of the day to the last they constantly encouraged and directed one another and this made a huge difference to their performance.

Both teams performed brilliantly and can be very proud of their efforts.

Year 5 London Day 4

It’s been a real pleasure to spend four days in London with our Year 5s. They have been a big, brilliant group and we have had a lot of fun seeing the sights. We’re all pretty tired out now, but the train is on time and we’re on track for returning to Truro at 8:40pm.

Year 5 London – Day 2

Another really busy day I London for our Year 5 group – Emirates Skyride, a boat ride along the Thames, shopping in Covent Garden, the Houses of Parliament (or National Gallery) and the. a Pizza Hut feast. We walked 8/9 miles today and are all glad of our beds tonight!

Tomorrow we have some leisurely sightseeing in the morning before Matilda the Musical in the afternoon and tea at Wagamama. Can’t wait!


Year 5 London Day 1

Just a quick note to say that we arrived in London on time and have just finished our time at the Princess Diana playground. We’re now walking across to the Natural History Museum (a late change to itinerary) for a leisurely visit before heading across to the Lord Amory for tea.

Saints Southwest Football Tournament

On Friday, we were invited to take part in the Saints Southwest football tournament at Truro School. It was a glorious, sunny day and Truro School had prepared four of the best pitches young footballers could ever wish to play on.

The standard of football at the tournament was very high, but our team played really well in the morning qualifying competition, finishing second in their league of eight. This took them through to a highly-competitive mini-league and after three very closely-fought matches, the squad were delighted to finish fourth overall out of sixteen teams. Well done Bosvigo!