Back to school then ice skating

Another early start and another busy day. We woke at 6.45am and had breakfast before walking down to catch the public bus to school. The temperature had risen to a balmy -10 degrees, so we felt quite comfortable. As always the bus was on time and soon we were in the school for German Wake and Shake. The music was great and we had lots of fun dancing. We then were taken on a tour of the school and couldn't believe the space the German children have. They only have 120 children but their school is bigger than ours. They have a DT room, a cookery room, an amazing science laboratory and best of all a humungous gymnasium with full gym equipment - Mr Wallis and Miss Robinson felt very envious of the facilities. We noticed that we have many more computers though and they don't have whiteboards or Smartboards.
We had break then it was time for some sport. We went into the hall and played a game called Tarzan and Jane, which the German children love. It is basically a tag game where you can only move on mats, benches and other gym equipment laid out. If you touch the floor you have to sit down like you are drowning until the teacher shouts "Wasse", which means water. When you are tagged you have to go and sit on a mat and wait until the person who is Tarzan sets you free. The game was lots of fun and very good exercise.
After the sport session. We walked to the college for lunch (spaghetti carbonara) and then looked around a shop. Soon it was time to catch a coach to go ice skating.
After a 45 minute journey up the.mountains we reached a sports centre with a massive ice rink. None of our children were confident skaters but they didn't let fear get in the way and made huge strides forward with their skating. Incredibly we didn't have a single injury and could all hang our skates up with a sense of achievement. Special thanks must go to our Swedish friends who shared their awesome skating skills with us and picked us up when we fell over.
The day ended with a lovely chilli cooked by one of the German parents and then an English-dominated talent show. It was far from Britain's Got Talent but entertaining anyway.
It is now quiet and with our bags packed we're all set for the journey home. See you tomorrow Truro!

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