Performance Cycling Club for Years 5 and 6

Having been inspired by the success of Team GB during the London 2012 Games, Mr Wallis recently undertook some cycle training with British Cycling and will be starting a Performance Cycling Club for keen cyclists in Year 5 and 6 from Friday 8th March (8:00am – 8:40am).

The club will initially be for a maximum of 12 children and will aim to develop the performance cycling skills of cornering, braking, accelerating and maintaining speed. As well as individual racing skills, we will be developing team racing skills such as riding in a close line and exchanging the lead. Incredibly, most of our sessions can be done on the school playground, but on occasions we may venture onto the School Field or Donkey Field. Most excitingly, there will be one or two cycle races for us to enter during the Summer term involving individual cyclocross races and team pursuit races.

Children in Year 5 and 6 who are interested in taking part in the Performance Cycling Club will need to make sure they can bring their bikes and helmets to school every Friday and will need to be confident cyclists. Letters will be available from the School Office later this week.

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