Bosvigo holds its first cyclocross!

On Friday afternoon children got to do some real racing as we held our first ever cyclocross competition on the Donkey Field. With the rain pouring down there were a few calls for postponement, but the children were having none of it and despite the poor conditions we enjoyed three very exciting races. The results were as follows:

Key Stage 1
1st Will Madsen
2nd Freya Brown
3rd Zach Amran

Lower Key Stage 2
1st Nicole Sutherland
2nd Chiara Wills
3rd Izzy Webb

Upper Key Stage 2
1st Harry Owen & Alfie Nunney
3rd Daniel Tinney

Well done to all who took part. As you can see in the photos, these were tough, tough races and the cyclists put everything they could into getting round the course as quickly as possible.

We will be staging another cyclocross in July when, hopefully, the weather will be a little kinder on the competitors!

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