Bring your wellies for Fun on the Field!

From Monday, Miss Rowe, our new teaching assistant, will be organising outdoor play activities on the field every lunchtime. This means that every week each child in the school will have the opportunity to use the school field and take part in some fun outdoor learning activities.

Miss Rowe will organise activities each week that will enable children to explore nature, learn new sports, be creative and develop teamwork. Children will have the choice to come onto the field and join in or play on the playground as normal. If they would like to join in, all they need to do is bring in their wellies (or an old pair of shoes that can get muddy) on their field day. Don’t worry, we will be providing waterproof overalls!

Fun on the Field Rota
Mondays – Class 1 and Year 5
Tuesdays – Class 2 and Year 6
Wednesdays – Class 3
Thursdays – Class 4 and Year 3
Fridays – Class 5 and Year 4

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