Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside!

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The sun was shining and the┬átemperature was rising, it was a perfect day for our Gyllyngvase beach trip. In our topic work we’ve been learning about rock pools and what human and physical features there are on the beach. And what better way to learn than to explore the beach ourselves! Fast swimming fish, crafty crabs and slow moving sea snails are just a few of the things we found when investigating the rock pools. After discussing our findings we returned the little creatures to their natural habitat. Rock pools rock! We enjoyed our tasty lunch on the beach-nobody ended up with sandy sandwiches! The sand was warm in between our toes so we cooled off by jumping the waves-they can’t catch us some of us thought but some of the waves were just too fast! Groups of us explored the beach for sea glass, played ball games and built sandcastles. All that hard work on the beach made us hot and hungry so we enjoyed a tasty, cold ice cream to cool us down. Yummy!

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