Bosvigo Swimming Gala 2013

Well done to all the children from Year 4, 5 and 6 who took part in our first school swimming gala yesterday at Truro High School for Girls. In total 44 children participated in 40 races including front crawl, breast stroke, back stroke and butterfly. Mr Armstrong, Mr Wallis and Miss Rowe were hugely impressed by the keenness and quality of the competitors and would like to thank the children for making it such a great event.

There were four categories for each stroke – Year 5 Girls, Year 5 Boys, Year 6 Girls and Year 6 Boys. The overall winners were as follows:

Year 5 Girls Front Crawl – Anna
Year 5 Girls Back Stroke – Izzy
Year 5 Girls Breast Stroke – Rosie
Year 5 Girls Butterfly – Tehya

Year 5 Boys Front Crawl – Tymek
Year 5 Boys Back Stroke – Noe
Year 5 Boys Breast Stroke – Tymek
Year 5 Boys Butterfly – Noe

Year 6 Girls Front Crawl – Bethany
Year 6 Girls Back Stroke – Bethany
Year 6 Girls Breast Stroke – Bethany
Year 6 Girls Butterfly – Bethany

Year 6 Boys Front Crawl – Orlando
Year 6 Boys Back Stroke – Perry
Year 6 Boys Breast Stroke – Orlando
Year 6 Boys Butterfly – Orlando

From the Bosvigo Swimming Gala, we will be selecting 16 children to represent the school in the Truro Primary Schools Swimming Gala in January. Good luck to everyone involved!

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