Day Three of Year Two Camp

After a long day in the sunshine yesterday we woke up to slight rain but this did not dampen our spirits and we were eager for the days activities. Mrs Stanton cooked us a hearty eggs and bacon for breakfast! We then had to pack our suitcases and sort through the BOX OF DOOM-otherwise our leftover belongings would be fed to the CROCODILAPIGS! For today’s activities we swapped over so half of us completed archery and the other half completed the pirate challenge! Well done to the winning team Captain Blackbeard for receiving 710 grotes (pirate money)!! There will be a lot of early nights tonight. Well done to all the year twos for being absolutely fabulous on camp. Thank-you to the Roseland Centre staff for making the camp adventurous and fun. Thank-you to Mrs Stanton for our delicious meals and thank-you to Mrs Davies and Mrs O’Kane for being fabulous teachers on camp!

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