Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in the Iron Age?

LKS2 travelled back in time to Carn Euny which is the site of an ancient Iron Age settlement. At first, all we could see were the remains of ruined walls, but as we explored we discovered evidence of life thousands of years ago.

Our favourite activities were invading and defending the hill fort, and trying to work out what the fogou was used for.

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The Ancient Fogou

When I got off the coach, I walked to the hill fort and we played scary attackers and defenders. We then walked in a circle through tall grass around the hill fort.

After that we walked and walked and walked until we got to some fun mud and more mud! Eventually we saw a very old cottage and when we walked on we saw stones – we had reached Carn Euny.

First, we went into the fogou and it looked like a creepy dungeon. One tunnel was small and thin, the other was giant and had a big puddle – I went right through it. It was fun!

Jack and I went exploring Carn Euny. There were little hills and walls everywhere. We thought that we had found the bedroom in one of the houses. It was very uncomfortable because the bed was made out of stone!

After that we walked back to the coach. We went through the mud again, down the hill, onto the road and finally onto the coach.

I liked going to Carn Euny. It was fun but I would not want to live there because it would be a hard life.

Carn Euny

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