Fruit and Farm Frenzy at Tesco with Foundation Stage

IMG_0552 halfterm 097 IMG_0547 IMG_0534 IMG_0527 halfterm 078IMG_0018 IMG_0015 IMG_0016 IMG_0019 IMG_0014 IMG_0009On Tuesday the 10th of February Class 1 & Class 2 walked to Tesco in Truro. We were greeted by a cheerful Richard and a wonderful Wayne. Class 1 ‘rolled’ off to the bakery. First we had to put on a funny white hat to keep our hair in one place. We watched the baker make tiger bread and salt and pepper bread. It was very interesting. Did you know they make 3000 rolls a day? The smell was absolutely amazing-it made us all very, very hungry. In the bakery they had lots and lots of different types of ovens, we had to be very careful because they were extremely hot. After that we watched Richard slice the bread using a really cool machine. It made all the slices equal in size so no fighting over the bigger slice!

Class 2 became fruit and veg detectives. We had to find lots of fruit and vegetables many of which we had not heard of! We found pomegranates, sharon-fruit, lychees and even courgettes.  Class 2 used their different senses to search for the different fruits and vegetables. They used their hands to feel, eyes to look and noses to sniff for the different fruit and vegetables. We learnt so much from wonderful Wayne. He told us where everything was from. Did you know that lots of the potatoes sold in Tesco are grown in the UK?

We had such a good trip to Tesco! They even let us have lots of fruit to try back at school. So in the afternoon at snack time we tried lychees, sharon-fruit, mango and pomegranate which all went down very well.

Here is a little joke for you to enjoy.

What Vegetable do you need a Plumber for? A Leek!

Thank-you very much Tesco for a fantastic and fun trip!

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