Jamie Oliver Kitchen Garden Project

A coupleĀ  of weeks ago, a cook from 15 (a Jamie Oliver restaurant) came into Class 10 to tell us how to make healthy dips and salads out of cucumber. We split into groups of 4-6 to make our recipes: one group made a spicy dip; another made a simple dressed cucumber salad and finally the last made a cucumber and olive salad. The recipes included: chopping, scooping, grating and mixing ingredients together. At the end of the making, the entire class of Y5’s came together to try the salads and dips. Pitta breads (white and brown), were used to scoop up the tasty dips and salads. “The day was a success! We tried new flavours, learnt new skills and discovered lots about healthy foods!” quoted Jamie Ashby.

By Toby Middleton


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