Daya’s amazing visit!

Last week, Class 6, 7 and 8 met an Indian Sikh who was called Daya. She came to live in the UK when she was five, and has lived in Cornwall ever since. First, she told us about herself and her family, and how Sikhs get their names. She said that they never cut their hair because they believe that hair is a gift from God.

Next, we took our shoes off and dressed up in Indian clothes called shalwar kameeze. There were skirts, trousers, T- shirts down to our ankles, scarfs and they were all sorts of bright colours and designs. After that, we learnt two dances: the Indian disco dance and Indian ballet which were much calmer! Seffie said, “It was fun but a little bit embarrassing!”

Daya explained that Sikhs don’t go to church. Instead, they have a gurdwara where they meet, eat, pray and sing. Sikhs believe that everyone is equal so they cook a free meal for others every day. Martha said, “We loved learning about a new religion.”

Seffie and Martha W