Farm and Country Class 6 & 8

This week, Classes 6 and 8 went to the farm and country event at Wadebridge. We set off at 9 o’ clock in the morning, it took three quarters of an hour to get there, but we arrived sooner rather than later! Immediately we spotted adorable animals and smelt the smell of manure, which is how we knew we had arrived.

Our first activity was making eggy bread; once it had cooked, we were allowed to eat it…mmm delicious. Manu from Class 8, got to cook some of the eggy bread. She said, “I want to be a chef when I am older!”

Next we split into our three groups (I am sorry I cannot tell you all the activities there were so many!) My favourite activity was the ice cream, we learnt all about the process of making it and then we got to eat it. Yummy. (Murray Class 8)

Some of the other activities were: apple pressing, butchery, grain milling, pasty making, eggs and chicks, a variety of animals, a milk parlour, lots of farm machinery, potato planting, bee keeping, plastic tide and many more.

We had a jam-packed day of learning about Cornish farming from many different aspects and stages. What a fun trip!

Written by members of Class 8