A busy week for Bosvigo Choir!

It has been a busy few days for the Bosvigo Choir, with two Christmas performances. Here are the children’s recounts of their visits to the St Petroc’s service at Truro Methodist Church and Amberley House:

St Petroc’s Service

On December 7th Bosvigo choir sand ‘Do you hear what I hear’ and ‘Candle in the Window’ at St Petrocs Christmas Carol Service at Truro Methodist Church.  There were lots of people at the service and another school choir who also sang two songs.  The carol service was to celebrate Christmas and think about people who are homeless and how to help them.  As well as our own songs, we also sang lots of carols.  It was a great evening and many thanks to our lovely singing teacher Ms Oram.

By Isabella Wilson, Class 6

On the 7th December 2018, Bosvigo school choir went and did a carol service at St Petrocs Church.  We sung some songs called; Candle in the Window and a song called Do you hear what I hear.  On the 13th December Bosvigo’s choir will also be performing at Amberly House.  Choir is a relatively small group of children, but from the sound we make is like angels singing.  We could do with some more children for choir.  That is why we need you to join so we can make even more noise!  It’s very fun and I’m sure everyone will love it!

By Arthur Coutts


Amberley House

On Thursday 13th December, KS2 Choir went to Amberly House to give a performance to its residents.  Upon arrival, we set up our piano and music sheets were handed out.  Then we sang 8 carols and had our audience clapping – and even singing along with us.  We had lots of lovely comments and we were each given a jam doughnut! It was very exciting (especially for some of our youngest members who had never performed before!)  Many a tear was shed as we sang the only song which was not a Christmas carol: A Million Dreams from The Greatest Showman movie.  Well done choir and thank you to Ms Oram.

By Laila Craze and Iris Horrill