Years 3 and 4 go underground!

On the first day of the summer term, Classes 6, 7 and 8 started their new topic which is a celebration of the history of tin mining in Cornwall.

We were visited by Clint Hosking who is the Learning Manager at Geevor Mine. He had brought with him an amazing collection of tools, clothes and photographs and he challenged us to become History Detectives and identify the different artefacts. We picked up some tools and found that they were extremely heavy which is why miners wore wooden shoes to protect their toes! Taking part in this workshop helped us understand how dangerous mining could be, and how women, men and children (as young as six year olds!) worked long days, six days a week.

Following this, we will be meeting up with Clint again to go underground at Geevor Tin Mine and are looking forward to talking to ex-miners to find out even more about the lives of mining families.