Bosvigo travels underground…

Classes 6, 7 and 8 loved visiting Geevor Mine, the world famous heritage site in the far west of Cornwall, where for 80 years miners dug deep into the rocks to find tin.

Wearing our hard hats, we explored the different parts of the mine and realised how this really dangerous job became easier when electricity started to be used. In the olden days, the miners had needed to use candles made from animal fat (because they were cheap) and would stick them to their hats!

One highlight was the journey underground when we stumbled our way through water and rock to learn about the working day for men and boys. We also played the role of bal maidens crushing the rocks, and discovered that carrying the stone in the hand barrow (with no wheels) was very heavy and wobbly.

Other favourite activities were seeing the beautiful minerals and rocks in the Hard Rock Museum and then panning in the water tables to find our own to take home!