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A Roman soldier visits Bosvigo!

Last week, Marcus surprised Classes 6, 7 and 8 by spending the day with us. He had heard that our topic was The Romans and decided to share his experience of life in Roman Britain. Marcus had been a soldier for 20 years and was looking forward to returning to Rome in order to have a family. (Roman soldiers are not allowed to get married!)

Marcus taught us to identify the different parts of his uniform and trained us to march as a group, throw javelins at our enemies and defend ourselves with our shields. Moving like a tortoise was the most difficult challenge and Class 6 moaned, “We were hot and we couldn’t see where we were going!” 

Everyone enjoyed playing Roman Rummy and collecting cards showing important places in Rome. “It was a bit like swapping Sainsbury’s cards,” Class 7 and 8 said.

Perhaps things were not so different two thousand years ago!

Year 5 London Day 3

Well done to our wonderful group of Year 5s, who have been a joy to be with this week. Today we walked 11 miles around a warm and sunny London and even took on the challenge of the Covent Garden underground steps – all 193 of them!

We are back at the boat and are getting ready to pack and then relax with a film. There’s still plenty of energy and excited chatter, but we’ll probably sleep well tonight!