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Cornwall Cross-Country Championships

On Sunday six Bosvigo children from Year 6 braved the winter winds to take part in the Cornwall Cross-Country Championships.

In the Under-11s girl’s’ race, Georgia and Agnes came across the line in 19th and 20th places, whilst in the Under-11 boys’ race, Rory, Wes, Finlay and Callum all completed race with finishing positions between 35th and 45th. Well done to all six!

Football vs St Mary’s School

There were smiles all round this afternoon after Bosvigo recorded their first win of the season at St Mary’s School. In an open and keenly-contested game, we went 3-1 up but conceded a second goal late on and had some nervy moments closing out the game. Remaeus, Rory and Wes were our goal scorers.

The league match was followed by a friendly match and our younger players recorded an impressive 6-2 victory. Morgan (2), Isaac, Alfie and Liam and Michael were our goal scorers on this occasion.

Kite flying at Perranporth Beach

This week our Key Stage 1 classes tested out the kites they made when they travelled to Perranporth Beach. 

Whilst not all of our kites soared up into the air, there were plenty that enjoyed a brief flutter in the sky and we had great fun making sand sculptures and searching for beach treasures. Class 5 even found time for a bit of limbo! 

Sadly, the bad weather meant that Class 3 could only get as far as Boscawen Park for their kite flying this week, but we will be making sure they get a trip to the beach soon. 

What can Bosvigo learn from British Values?

Over three days in October, the whole school visited the Baptist church to learn about “British Values” and enjoy some quiet reflective time.

There were lots of different activities for the children to explore.

One was a tent with blankets and a BIG bear inside. Breda and Martha from Class 8 said that they loved how cosy and safe they felt in there.

There was a key unlocking wall which represented the poor choices we sometimes make and it encouraged us to think about how we can change them into better choices.

Torrunn explained that his favourite space was finger printing because it showed that there is no-one else in the world like us and that we are unique.

Have you ever thought that no one is listening to you? Speaker’s Corner gave everyone a chance to have their say!

Several children made a second visit after school and shared the activities with their families.

Thank you to the Baptist Church Team for helping us understand how we can care about others’ feelings and treat other people as we would like to be treated.

Football vs Archbishop Benson

Our football season kicked off today with two tough matches at Archbishop Benson. In gusty conditions our teams worked hard, but found the big pitch and big Archbishop players a challenge to get to grips with and we lost our matches 5-0 and 5-1. 

Despite the scorelines, there were encouraging signs for both our Year 6 and Year 5 teams and we are already looking forward to our next challenge when we play Truro Prep School after half term. 

Well done to all our players for their effort and a big thank you to our excellent travelling supporters!

LKS2 Run for RNLI

Today we did a sponsored run for the RNLI. The RNLI are making a new boat, which is going to be HUGE, but the building now isn’t big enough. They have to raise a whopping £100,000. So, this morning the playground was set out like a running course. First we did a warm up, then Mrs Perry showed us around the course. 3…2…1… we were off! Then half an hour later 3…2…1…stoppppp! We had to cool down and stretch before heading back in – stretches are important because if you don’t your muscles will be stiff and sore.

Sophie – Class 8.

Comments from the run:

Murray – Class 8 – said, “You were allowed to count your laps. You didn’t have to, but most people did (for the record I think some people did cheat a bit on the amount of laps!)”

Robin – Class 7 – said, “It was so much fun but really tiring. We all had to use the rest stops and drink lots of water!”

Tallulah – Class 6 – said, “It was so much fun, but so tiring’. Bella from class 6 agreed saying it was, ‘sweaty but fun.”

Remember, if you have sponsored any of LKS2, please hand your sponsorship money to your class teacher or donate online. We will let you know the grand total when all donations have been collected.

Thank you!

LKS2 Fundraising for RNLI

To help celebrate Harvest at Bosvigo this year LKS2 have chosen to help raise much  needed funds for the RNLI. The Falmouth lifeboat station, in particular, is looking to expand, so they are able to house a newer, faster lifeboat.

To help support this cause, LKS2 are running, skipping, and walking a ‘Fun Run’. To be in the RNLI you need to be fit and ready to run  to help at any time! We will be running around the donkey field on a sunny day. How many laps will we manage? 

If you would like to donate you can; sponsor a child and give money into the class teacher, text 70070 with the code BVSC95 and the amount you would like to give OR visit our just giving page at 

We have already raised over £50 !

Thank you for your support.



Girls’ Football Skills Festival

On Friday a squad of Bosvigo girls travelled to Penair School to take part in a football skills festival. The girls had a great time practising their passing, dribbling and shooting and are looking forward to some friendly matches in the near future.

Year 5 and 6 visits to @Bristol

This week children in Year 5 and 6 have been making the journey up to Bristol to visit the amazing @Bristol science museum (now also known as We The Curious). 

Each class has had a wonderful time exploring the interactive exhibits and experiencing the superb guide to the solar system and beyond in the planetarium. We have learned a lot about science and engineering and can’t wait to take more Bosvigo students in 2019! 

LKS2 trip to the Museum

As a fantastic start to the Roman topic LKS2 took a visit to the Royal Cornwall Museum. The children were able to handle real Roman artefacts! These included; coins, mosaics, mirrors and kitchenware (amongst many others.)

One of the artefacts that was closely looked at was the fascinating clay lamps. The children were then able to design and make one of their very own! Children moulded the clay into a standard Roman clay lamp and then transformed them into an animal.

It was a very interesting, fun (and slightly messy) day.