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Lego Lunar Workshop.

Last Wednesday 5 lucky Lego Club members attended a ‘Lego Lunar day’ at ‘The Entertainer’ in Truro to celebrate the Apollo II moon landing 50 years ago. The children enjoyed a fantastic day, working together to build the International Space Station which they got to bring back to school! The fabulous team at ‘The Entertainer’ told us lots of facts about the famous moon landing over the course of the day. Thank you to all the staff at ‘The Entertainer’ for such a wonderful opportunity.


Year 6 Camp

We are not quite but nearly in Penzance. We are really unsure as of yet when we will be off the boat, packed up and on the coach. But we know our arrival in Truro will definitely not be before 10pm. Will keep you updated!

Year 6 Camp: Day 5

Morning from the Isles of Scilly! As the weather is looking like it could be a bumpy journey home, we are considering giving all children travel sickness tablets. If you would not like your child to be given tablets, please inform school as soon as possible.

We are departing St Mary’s at a slightly later time of 5.30pm and arriving in Penzance at approximately 8.15pm. We will keep you posted on a more accurate arrival time at Bosvigo when we have one.

Year 2 Camp. Day 2.

What fun we have all had! It’s been hot and challenging at times, but everyone has shown sheer determination with encouragement from each other.

More photos to follow…