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Primary Netball League Week 2

Bosvigo Netball team played 2 more matches in the netball league yesterday, against St Agnes and Kea. There were some great passes and some super interceptions in defence. Our team work improved and we showed a huge amount of resilience as we played in the rain and the cold.

Well done to all the players- Cara, Aurie, Tallulah, Amelia, Laila, Tilly, Isla T, Wasif and Evie.

And a huge thank you to all the parents who came along and offered their support!

Primary Netball League

11 enthusiastic pupils went to Penair School yesterday to play netball in the first round of the Primary Netball League. We played Threemilestone, followed by St Mary’s. Despite losing both games Bosvigo demonstrated super energy and a supportive team spirit. We have learnt a few things and are raring to go again next week!

Well done to all the team- Aurie, Amelia, Cara, Wasif, Tallulah, Evie, Isla T, Isla C, Laila, Tilly and Aoife, for representing Bosvigo with commitment and energy.

KS1 visit Sainsbury’s

Class 3, 4 and 5 braved the weather this week and walked to Sainsbury’s to look behind the scenes and see what happens to our food on it’s journey to the supermarket shelves.

A huge thank you to Sainsbury’s for the tour and for teaching us many new things about our food.

Hard work for KS1 at Truro Museum!

Each of the 3 KS1 classes that visited Truro museum this week had a surprise awaiting them. The children were all given servant clothes to wear and were put to work in the Large Victorian house! They polished the silver, washed the clothes, set the table and beat the carpets to name just a few of their jobs. They admired the Victorian artefacts and listened intently to the housekeeper. A busy afternoon for all!

Lego Lunar Workshop.

Last Wednesday 5 lucky Lego Club members attended a ‘Lego Lunar day’ at ‘The Entertainer’ in Truro to celebrate the Apollo II moon landing 50 years ago. The children enjoyed a fantastic day, working together to build the International Space Station which they got to bring back to school! The fabulous team at ‘The Entertainer’ told us lots of facts about the famous moon landing over the course of the day. Thank you to all the staff at ‘The Entertainer’ for such a wonderful opportunity.


Year 6 Camp

We are not quite but nearly in Penzance. We are really unsure as of yet when we will be off the boat, packed up and on the coach. But we know our arrival in Truro will definitely not be before 10pm. Will keep you updated!