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Hungry adventurers.

Well the Year 1 campers have explored the deep, dark forest, tiptoed over the Troll’s bridge and played Pooh Sticks. They’ve searched for frogs, seen dragonflies and butterflies and been visited by Mr Robin (bird) who comes to our camp every year.

After all those adventures they’ve worked up a hearty appetite so it’s back to the hut for lunch.

See you later.


Morning from Tomperrow

Morning from a happy Year 1 camp. The campers have snoozed and recharged their batteries. Everyone happy, having fun colouring in and chilling with their friends. Next stop… breakfast and more adventures. ?

Year 1 Camp – Day 1 @ BF Adventure

The fun has begun on Year 1 camp!

We’ve arrived safely, had a lovely morning, dry and not too sunny.

We’ve broken into groups and are canoeing, bush crafting and undertaking activities in the adventure quarry.  Lunch has been eaten too!

We will be arriving at Tomperrow late afternoon and some parents will be cooking tea!  Huge thanks to the Houghton family.  We have little internet connection at Tomperrow so posts will be limited.

Here are some of the action shots from today…….

Class 9 news!

This week we have done a variety of things including Mayan masks , Egyptian necklaces and drawing maps in French. We were painting masks with metallic paints.  First we did a base colour of either gold, silver or bronze. then we added more detail with blues, greens and reds.

You can see more of our work on Seesaw or in  the classroom.

In English we were reading Mrs Butler text by Alan Ahlberg and filming the original poem on Seesaw. After that we changed the names of the characters to make it our own and we needed to make the names rhyme and flow with the rhythm.



Bloggers: Dan Hobba, Xander Edwards and Isabel Sewell

Mark's Arks Marvellous Mammals, Reptiles and Amphibians!


Have you ever wondered how snakes have evolved? Lower Key Stage 2 were visited by Mark’s Ark at Bosvigo School on Wednesday 9th September to answer this question as well as lots more. While Mark told us facts, his assistant showed us fascinating animals all to help us with our new topic of ‘Nature Detectives’.

First he showed us an amazing six inch millipede. We found out that each segment of its body has two legs. This means it is a diplopoda!

Next he told us the difference between frogs and toads, toads have lumps on them bit frogs don’t. However they are both slimy amphibians.

After that he showed us a 28 inch, star patterned Monitor Lizard named Tyron. His spiked, strong hide (skin) would help defend himself in the wild desert!

Then Mark told us about an amazing 150 CM snake named Matilda. Her scaly skin is slippery and her tiny legs help her stealthily move along. Her sling-shot shaped tongue helps Matilda smell other animals.

When Mark showed us Sophie, a cute, funny skunk, we found out that only male skunks spray disgusting, stinky and distracting gas. Sophie’s soft, cuddly fur makes her a mammal. Surprisingly her fur is softer than a rabbits!

Finally we were allowed to touch the animals, some of us even put Matilda around our necks! We really enjoyed Mark’s visit and we hope to see him again soon.



Year 1 Camp – The Movie

After a slightly damp, but exciting day one, day two gradually became sunny for our day exploring Tomperrow. It was an adventurous hike around the camp, up and down some tricky slopes with a river crossing or two thrown in for good measure! A great trip.
Here’s a quick video.

If video does not load please try this…

Thanks to all the BF Adventure staff for day one and Mrs. King and Mrs. Richards who helped out everywhere but especially with the catering.

Y1 Camp 2012 Day 2

Freya – I like camp because it was all so exciting.
Zach – I liked climbing over the Net of Doom in the adventure quarry.
Sofia – I learned how to make fire. You need air, fuel and… (Jessica) heat.
EmilyW – I liked it when Phoebe and I opened our sleeping bags into a quilt.
Jack – When we were canoeing I discovered a new plant. It was called a Royal Fern.
Will – We had to climb through a huge spider’s web without waking the spider! I also found a crab and a shrimp on the beach.
Hope – I liked the hot chocolate with frothy cream and marshmallows.
Toby – I played on the beach with my friends.
Ellie-Marie – I collected stones on the beach.

Year 1 Tehidy Camp Friday Morning Update

It poured with rain last night, but our campers were tucked up in their sleeping bags and stayed dry all night. Miss Osborne reports that nearly everyone slept through the night and our Year 1s are looking ready for the day ahead. Time for breakfast and some more exploring of the woods…

We think this may have come from outer space!


We’ve been collecting natural things for our collages…