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Day Three of Year Two Camp

After a long day in the sunshine yesterday we woke up to slight rain but this did not dampen our spirits and we were eager for the days activities. Mrs Stanton cooked us a hearty eggs and bacon for breakfast! We then had to pack our suitcases and sort through the BOX OF DOOM-otherwise our leftover belongings would be fed to the CROCODILAPIGS! For today’s activities we swapped over so half of us completed archery and the other half completed the pirate challenge! Well done to the winning team Captain Blackbeard for receiving 710 grotes (pirate money)!! There will be a lot of early nights tonight. Well done to all the year twos for being absolutely fabulous on camp. Thank-you to the Roseland Centre staff for making the camp adventurous and fun. Thank-you to Mrs Stanton for our delicious meals and thank-you to Mrs Davies and Mrs O’Kane for being fabulous teachers on camp!

Day Two-Water Day!!

After our delicious breakfast we prepared for our water day remembering to slip on a t-shirt, slop on a sunhat and slap on some suncream! We divided ourselves into three crews and took part in sailing, canoeing and some free-time beach activities. The sailing was super-duper, we started the engine and then hoisted the sail and away we sailed into the glistening waters. The canoeing was great fun! We were made to ‘walk the plank’ which involved walking between two canoes….but watch out for the CROCODILAPIGS!! We visited Mermaid Island and created our very own mermaids out of shells, seaweed and stones. We are hoping they turn into real and magical mermaids tonight. Lastly we spent some time on the beach making sculptures, looking for sea glass and searching for shells. We’ve enjoyed yet another delicious dinner from Mrs Stanton (THANK-YOU!!) and now watching a film…the teachers are thinking it could be an early night…there are some sleepy faces!! Photos will be on shortly.

Day 1 of Year 2 camp

What a beautiful day to begin our camp. It was a long walk from St Mawes to the centre so we just had to scoff an ice-cream before we set off! Lots of us ended up with ice-cream moustaches and some of us even ended up with ice-cream beards! We walked and we walked and we walked until we arrived at a very picturesque field overlooking the river and stopped for some lunch. Then we walked and we walked and we walked until we arrived at the Roseland centre. Half of us took part in archery-Mrs Davies won £20!! The other half took part in the Pirate Challenge-why are pirates called pirates? Coz they arrrrrrgh. Dinner was delicious-thank you Mrs Stanton! All showered and ready for the movie. We are very excited for our activities for tomorrow. Sweet dreams x

Year 2 Camp – Day 2!!!

What a busy day, have had great fun messing about on the river! After a successful nights sleep and a hearty cooked breakfast – Thank you Mrs Stanton, we were ready for our water sports day. We split into three groups to do sailing, beach sculptures and canoeing. Despite it being the first time for many, by the end of the day they had shown courage and dertermination and were true sea farers. Our instructors found it hard to believe they were only Year 2’s. For those that still had the energy we had a quick visit to the park, followed by showers, tea and movie night! More pirate challenges and archery tomorrow before returning 28 tired but very happy children!