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Year 2 Roseland – Happy Campers!

All well here.  We have settled in and love our dormitories.  The walk from St Mawes was fun, dry but very muddy and we even lost a wellie in the mud at one stage!

This afternoon in Archery we  found our very own Robin Hood and Maid Marion – well done to Jess and Oscar!  The pirate challenges were fab, we had great fun using our team-building skills with the blindfold ‘Tunnel of Terror’, got all tangled up with our human knot game and tried not to walk the plank in our sorting game.

We all ate a huge tea because we were very hungry after all that exercise and after tea we snuggled down in our sleeping bags and watched a movie after a brief ‘penguin hunt’ for Soleil’s ‘Flippy’ – luckily he was found safe and sound by Mrs Head.  Night night everyone, talk to you tomorrow!



Year 2 Roseland Camp Tuesday Update

We’ve just spoken to Miss Massey and she has reported that the children are having a brilliant day on the beach, rotating around three activities – sailing, canoeing and sand sculptures. Miss Massey reassures us that the group slept really well last night and she sounded remarkably buoyant for Day 2. We’ll keep you posted with more information as it comes through.