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Smelly clothes!

There were a number of bin liners left behind at school on Friday. Most were named and contained the children’s wet, canoeing clothes, others were random bits collected in a dormitory ‘sweep’! Fear not! They are swirling their way around my washing machine and will hopefully be clean and dry for collection from the playground on Monday. Hope the children slept well last night!

Thank you Year 3's

Thank you very much Year 3’s for a truly tremendous camp and for your lovely messages of thanks! The Delaware instructors were so impressed with you all and you gave them a brilliant 2 days, as well as making our time really enjoyable. You’re a great group and your reputation of being a team who are up for everything and anything will be travelling around Cornwall Outdoors instructors! Roll on Porthpean!

Revenge is sweet'

After a great nights sleep (all quiet before 11.30!) it was still quiet at 7.15 this morning! Having been startled at 5.30 the morning before, the staff plotted their ‘early call’ revenge! Actually, all the children looked so gorgeous sleeping that we couldn’t help ourselves but wake them with a gentle yet cheery ‘morning!’ rather than anything else we had planned, and by 7.45 we were back to normal and eating croissants!
Our next job was to tackle the dormitories! Everything on the floor was scooped up and scrunched into any available, open bag! If you get the right clothes back, it’s probably more by luck than by judgement!
Now we’re all tidy and enjoying our last activities.
Your children are incredibly resourceful, caring and have been an absolute pleasure to be with (honestly!), and this view has been supported by our brilliant instructors who can’t quite believe these amazing children are only Year 3!
See you this afternoon.

Day 2

These Cornish summer mornings really are beautiful aren’t they? We’re so lucky to be woken at 5.30 so that we can experience them! We’re now trying to work out how the children who fall asleep last, still manage to be the first ones up! Any suggestions how they do it?
Last night was lovely. Some playing outside, chilling in the living room, The Smurfs on DVD, hot chocolate and mini rolls! Who could ask for more?! All asleep (well almost) by 11.30 so we can’t complain really!
The menu this morning reads that we will be fuelling ourselves for the day with cereal and a fried breakfast. We can’t wait for the activities to start and our day packs for canoeing are already packed just in case the inevitable happens and we end up in the drink!

First day

We have had a brilliant first afternoon with some superb orienteering skills on kit hill and some archers to rival Year 2! Tea was delicious and enjoyed by everyone (especially the doughnuts for pudding!). We’ve obviously been inspired by all the sport lately and we’re now busy playing tennis and football on the field, whilst our friends wash up and prepare sandwiches for another fun-filled day tomorrow! Aren’t they kind?


Friday morning

All packed up and on our final activities. Hopefully everyone has put their own clothes in their own bags, but perhaps an amnesty will be needed next week.

The weather is awful but luckily we’ve managed to carry on our activities relatively sheltered. Time for some of us to brave the elements and head out to Kit Hill though. Waterproofs at the ready!