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Carnyorth Wednesday Update

Our third and last morning… childrens comments to you all at home. We are on the coolest walk in the world.’ ‘the sea, look the sea’ ‘the pigs, horses and cat are so cute’ En route to Cape Cornwall, rural delights have included chimney stacks,village trails, sea views and a local farmer showed us his chick. At only two weeks old, we are unsure if it is a cock or a hen. All this and its only 10.30…rock pools here we come!!

Carnyorth Tuesday night

The sign of a productive day at camp is when the children go to bed happy and with no fuss. All quiet by 11pm after a really enjoyable day and night. We’ve had a relaxed barbeque, toasted marshmallows, drunk our hot chocolates, eaten cake and now it’s time to rest up before our final day – rock pooling near Cape Cornwall. See you tomorrow!

Carnyorth Tuesday Afternoon



The coracles looked like sound sailing vessels before they went into the water, but looks were deceiving and by and large they sunk like stones. This was of course an ideal outcome for most of the children, who had a great time sinking them time and again!
We’re now relaxing in the garden while Mr Bateson expertly tends the barbeque. A lovely sunny evening on the coast. Think we would all be happy to stay for the week!

A quick thank you to Katie, Bradley and Becca for making all our sandwiches this morning. Very nicely done!

Carnyorth Tuesday morning

Had a brilliant day yesterday. Orienteering went well and everyone loved the arsenic tunnels. We learned about how the tunnels worked then Mr Bateson taught us how to play Buzzards. Lots of fun, but how did Miss Robinson manage to stay hidden for so long. Rumours that she strayed out of bounds are completely unfounded – she says!
After a huge amount of spaghetti bolognese and pasta bake, we were introduced to Mark the Miner who certainly made an impression. Here are some of our thoughts:
“Mark was funny. He had a brilliant Cornish accent so everything he said sounded funny. The quiz was great fun even though the boys and girls drew and we loved the story about Tommy ‘Grizzler’ Adams.” Phoebe, Dom and Luke
“It was better than I expected. I was surprised by his stories which were funny and exciting. I learnt a lot about being a miner and I loved the bit where Mark got Miss Osborne to stand up then combed her hair with a skeleton’s hand. He also had a boot which he had found in an old mine shaft and the boot still has a man’s toes in it!” Zak
A bit of a late night. The staff clung to the hope of a late start this morning, but these hopes were dashed at half five. Still, the children are great, the staff are great, the weather is beautiful. We couldn’t really ask for more.