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Scillies Day 4

Rain at 4am but nothing major. Children had lovely fish and chips supper after football and netball yesterday. Mr Powell has made some wonderful meals. Children have eaten very well – nothing left over! Children had lie in this morning while the odd shower passed. Sun came out for boat trip to st Martin’s. Saw puffins, porpoises and seals. Now on St Martin’s beach making sand sculptures in glorious heat/sunshine.






Scillies Day 3

Good news – the phone signal on Tresco is better than St Mary’s, so the Scillies group have been able to share some photos of their week so far. The group are enjoying some of the best weather we have ever seen on a Scillies camp and are having a wonderful time. Yesterday they spent time learning different watersports and today they have taken the boat over to Tresco, where they are exploring the beautiful gardens (with the children navigating) and relaxing on the beaches.

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Last word from the Scillies

Good afternoon from the deck. All present and correct you will be pleased to here. A wonderful lunch on the beach after a game of cricket and sand sculpting. A slow jaunt through to town for last minute frantic spending. We have all had an absolutely fantastic time and look like we have been in the med for two weeks, and no it’s not dirt… See you all this evening. You should all be extremely proud of your children and the way they have conducted theirselves. We have had so many compliments. Well done year six. We shall miss you all wben you move on and thank you all for being such amazing campers.


Friday morning Scillies update

Good morning. A beautiful one it is too as we prepare to embark on our journey home. We have our grand announcement for Happy Campers of the week nominated by our volunteers on the trip. For the girls we have Miss Nadia El Harrati and Miss Marie Madsen. For the boys we have Master Elijah Watson and Master Samuel Pollard. These children bave shown outstanding effort and enthusiasm, this was a very hard decision. We are going down to the beach now for a few hours then off into town for shopping and lunch on yet ANOTHER beach… Clean sail ahead of us.. See you all soon. Prepare the showers and the baths for your children…

Thursday night Scillies update

Good evening.. Apologies for the atrocious spelling earlier on today. Cabin fever has set in and the adults are on autopilot… Still in control though. Our walkers of the week are Miss Emily Blaskovics and Master Ryan Hall. They have been awe inspiring. Tresco is well and truly clean. A fantastic job on the beach. The AONB were very impressed with our manners and efforts. We are VERY proud. The children were blown away by the beauty of Tresco gardens and we are so glad that they can appreciate beauty. A cloud of doom approches over our camp as we get set to sail. Children have mixed emotions regards coming home. They obviously want to but also want to stay!!! More to follow in the morning…

Scillies Thursday Morning Update

Good Morning from the Scillies. All well and happy. Just boarded the boat bound for Tresco. We are away to clean the beach in anticipation of receiving a gift for a job well done… All will be revealed! We are lunching in the gardens of Tresco dreckly. We are soon to blog our Walkers of the Week award… We have just sailed by the good ship Matthew. An amazing sight.