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Fruit and Farm Frenzy at Tesco with Foundation Stage

IMG_0552 halfterm 097 IMG_0547 IMG_0534 IMG_0527 halfterm 078IMG_0018 IMG_0015 IMG_0016 IMG_0019 IMG_0014 IMG_0009On Tuesday the 10th of February Class 1 & Class 2 walked to Tesco in Truro. We were greeted by a cheerful Richard and a wonderful Wayne. Class 1 ‘rolled’ off to the bakery. First we had to put on a funny white hat to keep our hair in one place. We watched the baker make tiger bread and salt and pepper bread. It was very interesting. Did you know they make 3000 rolls a day? The smell was absolutely amazing-it made us all very, very hungry. In the bakery they had lots and lots of different types of ovens, we had to be very careful because they were extremely hot. After that we watched Richard slice the bread using a really cool machine. It made all the slices equal in size so no fighting over the bigger slice!

Class 2 became fruit and veg detectives. We had to find lots of fruit and vegetables many of which we had not heard of! We found pomegranates, sharon-fruit, lychees and even courgettes.  Class 2 used their different senses to search for the different fruits and vegetables. They used their hands to feel, eyes to look and noses to sniff for the different fruit and vegetables. We learnt so much from wonderful Wayne. He told us where everything was from. Did you know that lots of the potatoes sold in Tesco are grown in the UK?

We had such a good trip to Tesco! They even let us have lots of fruit to try back at school. So in the afternoon at snack time we tried lychees, sharon-fruit, mango and pomegranate which all went down very well.

Here is a little joke for you to enjoy.

What Vegetable do you need a Plumber for? A Leek!

Thank-you very much Tesco for a fantastic and fun trip!

World Book Day

World book day is coming!
Thursday 6th March
Who will you dress up as?
Everyone is invited to dress up as their favourite character from a book.

What will you be doing?
All classes will be providing an activity which is reading related. Foundation Stage and Upper Key Stage Two are looking forward to visiting Waterstones. Tent temptation – book buddies have been busy organising some exciting events in Kynance Cove (the library, not the Lizard)!

Which will you you choose? Perhaps you will kick start with your Book Talk (towards your “Book Award”) or share a story with Grandma or Grandpa!

Each activity will be filled with excitement and opportunities for all the family to be involved…who will you bring?

So, start reading your favourite book (or explore a new one), ask a family member to come aboard and prepare your costume!

Best wishes,


Santa comes to Bosvigo… by helicopter!

The children enjoyed a great surprise this afternoon when we gathered together after lunch and went for a ‘secret walk’. None of the children were told where we were going and even those who quickly worked out that we were heading to the Donkey Field had no idea why.

On the way up to the Donkey Field, a few children noticed that a Sea King helicopter appeared to be circling Truro and once we got to the top of the hill they realised why. Soon after organising ourselves at the top of the field the helicopter flew nearer and nearer before landing in the middle of the field. If that wasn’t a good enough surprise, who should jump our but Father Christmas with a huge bag of sweets!

Father Christmas handed out a sweet to every child before posing for a quick photo, then it was time for him to fly. We asked him why he was travelling around in a helicopter when he has flying reindeer at home, but he said that with Christmas only a few days away they needed to save all their energy and were resting back at the North Pole.

Here are a few pictures of the visit…

IMG_0661 20131216_0010 20131216_0025 20131216_0012-2 IMG_0675 20131216_0081


Bosvigo finish second in area football competition

Congratulations to our Year 5/6 football team, who came second in the Penair and Partners football competition this Thursday afternoon. The boys played six games and after losing their first match narrowly to Devoran (the eventual winners), they went on a fine run, winning four and drawing one of their remaining five fixtures. We scored some fantastic goals and conceded only two in the whole tournament. The boys showed tremendous team spirit throughout the competition and were rightly very proud of finishing in second place – our highest finish in recent years.

P1000011 P1000014 P1000016 P1000018 P1000020 P1000029 P1000033

Harvest celebrated with three visitor assemblies

This week we have celebrated Harvest at Bosvigo with two visitor assemblies. On Monday we were joined by Bob Girvan from Foodbank, who kindly talked to the children about the work Foodbank does supporting people in the Truro area.

Today were held a Harvest Assembly, led by Linda and Matt from the Baptist Church. They entertained the school by making two huge pasties and discussing where the ingredients came from. As you can see, the assembly involved quite a lot of audience participation and the children were itching to be involved.

P1000688 P1000683 P1000681 P1000677

On Monday we will complete our Harvest-related visitor assemblies when we are joined by the St Petroc’s Society, who will tell us about the work they do supporting the homeless in Truro. They will also be taking away half of the donations we have received from the children.

Thank you to everyone who has brought in donations this week. The children have seen how these cans and packets are used to support our local community and know what a difference it can make.

House names decided in dramatic fashion

After a couple of years being nameless our House teams were finally named this afternoon following a school-wide vote.

The children decided last week that they wanted a beach theme and this week the House Captains visited every class and collected votes for each team’s favourite beach name.

With eleven beaches to choose from the votes were rather spread out but the Red and Green teams had clear first choices and are now named Marazion (Reds) and Swanpool (Blues). Complications were to come, however, when the House Captains of the Yellow and Blue teams announced that both teams had 31 votes for Zennor – a tie! With the help of some scraps of paper and a couple of our Foundation Stage pupils a decision was made and the Yellow team became Zennor, leaving the Blue team to take on their second choice of Fistral.

With our Houses now named we are now able to order our new school PE tops, which are being purchased courtesy of funds raised through FOBSA events. With some luck we will have the new t-shirts in time for this year’s sports days.

Well done to our House Captains for successfully organising the naming process. We look forward to finding out about their next project.

Bring your wellies for Fun on the Field!

From Monday, Miss Rowe, our new teaching assistant, will be organising outdoor play activities on the field every lunchtime. This means that every week each child in the school will have the opportunity to use the school field and take part in some fun outdoor learning activities.

Miss Rowe will organise activities each week that will enable children to explore nature, learn new sports, be creative and develop teamwork. Children will have the choice to come onto the field and join in or play on the playground as normal. If they would like to join in, all they need to do is bring in their wellies (or an old pair of shoes that can get muddy) on their field day. Don’t worry, we will be providing waterproof overalls!

Fun on the Field Rota
Mondays – Class 1 and Year 5
Tuesdays – Class 2 and Year 6
Wednesdays – Class 3
Thursdays – Class 4 and Year 3
Fridays – Class 5 and Year 4