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Bring your wellies for Fun on the Field!

From Monday, Miss Rowe, our new teaching assistant, will be organising outdoor play activities on the field every lunchtime. This means that every week each child in the school will have the opportunity to use the school field and take part in some fun outdoor learning activities.

Miss Rowe will organise activities each week that will enable children to explore nature, learn new sports, be creative and develop teamwork. Children will have the choice to come onto the field and join in or play on the playground as normal. If they would like to join in, all they need to do is bring in their wellies (or an old pair of shoes that can get muddy) on their field day. Don’t worry, we will be providing waterproof overalls!

Fun on the Field Rota
Mondays – Class 1 and Year 5
Tuesdays – Class 2 and Year 6
Wednesdays – Class 3
Thursdays – Class 4 and Year 3
Fridays – Class 5 and Year 4

New planetarium brings the Solar System to Bosvigo

There was tremendous excitement in the playground on the first day of term when children came back from their Easter holidays to find an amazing planetarium in the Bosvigo Road playground.

The planetarium has been part of our plans for six months and we have worked closely with SciencePlay, a company specialising in introducing science concepts through play, to create a large scale piece of equipment that offers a huge range of play and learning opportunities – hopefully at the same time. On the outside, children can develop their climbing skills whilst learning about the solar system. One the inside up to 30 children can comfortably sit and relax in a magical environment whilst learning about the constellations.

Our planetarium is the first of its kind, but if the first two weeks are anything to go by there will be a few more popping up around the country very soon. At times it has been difficult to see the dome, as it has been covered in children at every opportunity. Reassuringly the planetarium was inspected last week by ROSPA (play equipment safety inspection) and the inspector, who inspects across half of England and Wales, said that in terms of play value and build quality the planetarium is the best piece of equipment he has seen “in a very long time.”

We would like to assure all netball fans that we will be marking out one, but hopefully two, new netball courts over the summer ready for the Autumn term. In the meantime, enjoy climbing around the planets and gazing at the stars!





Bosvigo holds its first cyclocross!

On Friday afternoon children got to do some real racing as we held our first ever cyclocross competition on the Donkey Field. With the rain pouring down there were a few calls for postponement, but the children were having none of it and despite the poor conditions we enjoyed three very exciting races. The results were as follows:

Key Stage 1
1st Will Madsen
2nd Freya Brown
3rd Zach Amran

Lower Key Stage 2
1st Nicole Sutherland
2nd Chiara Wills
3rd Izzy Webb

Upper Key Stage 2
1st Harry Owen & Alfie Nunney
3rd Daniel Tinney

Well done to all who took part. As you can see in the photos, these were tough, tough races and the cyclists put everything they could into getting round the course as quickly as possible.

We will be staging another cyclocross in July when, hopefully, the weather will be a little kinder on the competitors!

20130315_0075 20130315_0056 20130315_0052 20130315_0048 20130315_0042 20130315_0031-1 20130315_0027 20130315_0016-1 20130315_0013-2 20130315_0004-2 20130315_0003-1 20130315_0009-2-1

Poster competition: Comic Relief Disco

Design a poster for the Comic Relief Disco and win a prize from Truro Art worth £10!
Draw a picture… Write a joke… The more colourful and eye catching the better! Include the following details but the design is up to you!

FOBSA Comic Relief Disco
Thursday 14 March
FS & KS1: 6.15-7pm
KS2: 7.15-8pm
£1 on the door
Children’s raffle 20p per ticket

Bring your poster to the school office on Monday. All posters will be displayed and the winning design will be uploaded to the website and will take pride of place in the school hall!

Outdoor stage for Bosvigo Road playground

We were delighted to finally get our outdoor stage constructed at the top of the Bosvigo Road playground this half term. The stage was built by Mr Oakes and was kindly funded by FOBSA. It will be used throughout the year for special events but is currently proving popular at lunchtimes and breaktimes for informal dance shows and general showing off (as the picture below shows!)


The Big Pedal Begins!


Once again Bosvigo School is taking part in The Big Pedal, which begins tomorrow and runs until Wednesday 20th March.


The Big Pedal is a giant inter-school cycling and scooting competition spanning 15 school days. It works a bit like the Tour de France – each day of the race there is a new stage following a different cycle route around the UK.  Schools encourage pupils, parents and staff to cycle or scoot to school and the more that do, the faster the school completes the stage. The competition is weighted to the size of school, so everyone has a fair chance to win. Last year more than 310,000 children took part, including over 180 children from Bosvigo!  Children can take part in The Big Pedal every day or they can just enter one or two stages if they wish. For more information please visit or ask Mr Wallis.


We have organised a special event to add some extra excitement to The Big Pedal this year. On Friday 15 March we will be running a Cyclocross race on the Donkey Field from 3:30pm until 4:00pm. This will involve children completing laps of a coned grass circuit as quickly as possible. There will be three races – a Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 race, a Lower Key Stage 2 race and an Upper Key Stage 2 race. Further details will follow at the end of next week.


Good luck to all the children taking part in The Big Pedal. Please remember that whilst this is a competition, the most important thing about cycling to school is to get there safely and to show consideration for all other road and pavement users.


Happy biking and scooting!

Happy Chinese New Year!

At Bosvigo we have been finding out about the way of life in China compared to our own here in the UK.  We have looked at similarities and differences between school life there and here and the children were particularly interested in things like greetings (e.g. bowing) and eating with chopsticks, not to mention whole-school fitness lessons in the playground!  We have looked at the way Chinese writing looks and how the language sounds and some of us have even learnt to write and count in Chinese!  We looked at symbols that represent wealth and happiness such as oranges at the fronts of houses and the use of red and gold.  We learnt about the differences and similarities between how the piano is played in China and in our country and were lucky enough to hear some Chinese piano playing from some of our Year 6s.  Some of our children showed off some traditional Chinese costumes and some basic phrases such as ‘Xin Nian Kuai Le’ (Happy New Year in Mandarin) and ‘Gong Hei Fard Choy’ (Happy New Year in Cantonese).

Year 1 Cycle Sessions Part 2

All children in Year 1 had another opportunity to develop their cycle skills this week. Our ‘pedalling’ groups continued to improve their braking skills but Nick felt they were so good that he moved them on to learning how to look over their shoulders whilst cycling and signalling directions. Our ‘balancing’ groups have come on superbly with their confidence and balance. They have learned to glide across the playground and will soon be ready to have a go at pedalling. Well done to all our cyclists for their terrific effort and enthusiasm. Keep cycling!

20130214-093340 PM.jpg

20130214-093355 PM.jpg