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Fruit and Farm Frenzy at Tesco with Foundation Stage

IMG_0552 halfterm 097 IMG_0547 IMG_0534 IMG_0527 halfterm 078IMG_0018 IMG_0015 IMG_0016 IMG_0019 IMG_0014 IMG_0009On Tuesday the 10th of February Class 1 & Class 2 walked to Tesco in Truro. We were greeted by a cheerful Richard and a wonderful Wayne. Class 1 ‘rolled’ off to the bakery. First we had to put on a funny white hat to keep our hair in one place. We watched the baker make tiger bread and salt and pepper bread. It was very interesting. Did you know they make 3000 rolls a day? The smell was absolutely amazing-it made us all very, very hungry. In the bakery they had lots and lots of different types of ovens, we had to be very careful because they were extremely hot. After that we watched Richard slice the bread using a really cool machine. It made all the slices equal in size so no fighting over the bigger slice!

Class 2 became fruit and veg detectives. We had to find lots of fruit and vegetables many of which we had not heard of! We found pomegranates, sharon-fruit, lychees and even courgettes.  Class 2 used their different senses to search for the different fruits and vegetables. They used their hands to feel, eyes to look and noses to sniff for the different fruit and vegetables. We learnt so much from wonderful Wayne. He told us where everything was from. Did you know that lots of the potatoes sold in Tesco are grown in the UK?

We had such a good trip to Tesco! They even let us have lots of fruit to try back at school. So in the afternoon at snack time we tried lychees, sharon-fruit, mango and pomegranate which all went down very well.

Here is a little joke for you to enjoy.

What Vegetable do you need a Plumber for? A Leek!

Thank-you very much Tesco for a fantastic and fun trip!

World Book Day

World book day is coming!
Thursday 6th March
Who will you dress up as?
Everyone is invited to dress up as their favourite character from a book.

What will you be doing?
All classes will be providing an activity which is reading related. Foundation Stage and Upper Key Stage Two are looking forward to visiting Waterstones. Tent temptation – book buddies have been busy organising some exciting events in Kynance Cove (the library, not the Lizard)!

Which will you you choose? Perhaps you will kick start with your Book Talk (towards your “Book Award”) or share a story with Grandma or Grandpa!

Each activity will be filled with excitement and opportunities for all the family to be involved…who will you bring?

So, start reading your favourite book (or explore a new one), ask a family member to come aboard and prepare your costume!

Best wishes,


KS2 enjoying Children in Need at Bosvigo

On Friday 16th November Bosvigo School had a perfect Pudsie pyjama day for Children in Need!
There were all sorts of pyjamas, one-zeezs and nighties. Not to mention button-ups! You might not believe me, but even the teachers wore their pyjamas and brought their teddies in to school! Enjoy the photographs of our special assembly.

FOBSA were extremely generous. They brought us presents for each class, aren’t we lucky? Thank you FOBSA!



We are now looking forward to the special Children in Need celebration tonight on TV. Maybe we will be on there?

World Book Day Celebrations in Foundation Stage

 We really enjoyed celebrating World Book Day yesterday! in the morning day lots of parents came in and we shared our favourite stories.  Isabel told us. “I enjoyed sharing my story ‘What do people do all day?’ with my mummy and my friends.”The children and teachers dressed up as their favourite book character. Where’s Wally was the most popular character with both children and teachers! We also went down to Waterstones for a storytelling session with local authors, John Cleave and Sarah Boothroyd.  Jonathan liked the stories about Gully, the naughty seagull. “My favourite part was was when Gully made a smelly nest out of rubbish!” We finished with a lovely hot chocolate and marshmallows.  Thank you for inviting us, Waterstones!

Class 2 Visit Museum and Arts Cafe

On Friday 27th February Class 2 visited Truro Museum.  We looked around the Museum then went upstairs to the Art Gallery.  Emma said “We looked at the paintings and chose one each to try to draw.  I chose the painting of the sea because I liked all the blues.  After that we went next door into Sammy’s mum’s cafe.  We had our packed lunch there.  Then a lady called Charlotte did lots of crafty things with us.  We used paint and glue and feathers and pasta.  After that we tidied up then had apple, hot hocolate and cake. ”

Jack from class 2 said ” I liked the painting there were lots of different colours to use, I made a card and did some printing with sponges.  The hot chocolate was very chocolatey!”

Class 2 would like to say a very big thank you to Mrs Siagos for inviting us to her cafe.


Foundation Stage Open Morning

 The last Friday in every month is Foundation Stage Open Morning. This is when parents, carers, brothers and sisters are welcome to  come and share our Learning Journeys.    We enjoy showing how busy we have been.   Owen in Class 2 says ” I love showing Mummy all the things in my Learning Journey, Mummy likes the photos best, she says she is very proud of me.”   It is usually a very busy session!   Our next Open Morning is Friday 30th March.