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Key Stage 2 Sports Day

This morning, 180 children from Key Stage 2 took part in the most closely-contested Bosvigo sports day in memory.

In squads of 16, our children competed brilliantly for their house teams and breezes through an hour of sports events.

All children showed a really positive attitude and the final standing could not have been closer, with two winning teams and only four points separating first and fourth positions:

Marazion – 218 points

Zennor – 218 points

Fistral – 217 points

Swanpool – 214 points

Castle Capers!

Last Tuesday Class 5 embarked on a train journey bound for Pendennis Castle.  Despite the windy and overcast weather we managed to escape the rain and explore inside and outside the castle.  Lots of capers ensued – the boys enjoyed dressing up as girls and Emily enjoyed dentistry…Tudor style. (Those pliers need sterilising, Emily.)  The children enacted life in a castle and they loved.  Lots of fresh air and fun.


Cornish Caretakers come to Bosvigo! (a Cornwall Heritage Trust event)

What do you know about the history of Cornwall?

Which women and men have survived remarkable adventures in the past so that we now remember them with awe?

Right from the start the children were amazed and entertained, as the actors shared with us the extraordinary lives of our ancestors…

The woman who walked all the way to London (and back) to see the art exhibition in Victorian times …

The man who survived rolling over Niagra Falls in a barrel …

The convict who sailed in a boat from Australia back to Cornwall and impressed the judge so much that she was given her freedom …

The scientist who scoured the galaxy and found the planet Neptune …

The million-year-old Cornish pasty which was unfortunately eaten!

Which stories are fact and which are fiction?

Perhaps, one day in the future, there will be a story about one of Bosvigo’s pupils!

Year 4 day 2 part 2

Another fabulous day jam packed full of fun! High ropes, archery and climbing – the children were fearless! We have had another amazing meal and are about to embark on some field games before hot chocolate and marshmallows followed by an earlier bedtime – hopefully!

Key Stage 1 sports day.

KS1 were lucky enough to have glorious weather for their circus themed sports day this week. We were delighted to see the large number of supporters who came to cheer us on. The children didn’t disappoint the crowd and put on a fine show of athletic prowess- sprinting, hurdles, penalty shoot-out, obstacle race, trapeze artist (ladders), and throwing and aiming skills in ‘The Human Cannonball’.

As well as having great fun, every child earned points for their team, but Fistral were the overall winners, winning by 1 point! Well done to everyone taking part, and many thanks to the Year 5/6 sports leaders and house captains for keeping score, and to FOBSA for providing well-earned ice poles to end the day!



Year 4 camp day 2 part 1

Morning everyone! It’s a delightful morning here, the sun is out – and so were some of the children at 5am!  We have had a hearty breakfast and are all excited for today’s activities – we are hoping for high ropes, archery and climbing – and of course more delicious camp cake!

Year 4 camp day 1!

What a day on the water we have had! Coasteering, canoeing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and lots of soaking the teachers at every opportunity!  The children have been fed extremely well and are playing beautifully in the sunshine before we tuck in to some camp cake before bedtime!

People Who Help Us

Over the past couple of weeks, Classes 1 and 2 have been learning about all the different wonderful people who help us in so many different ways! As well as an exciting visit to the fire station, we have been fortunate enough to have many visitors come into school including: a doctor, a personal trainer, a military officer, the school crossing supervisor and two nurses. A huge thank you to everyone who gave up their time to come and talk to us about their jobs!

Quails hatch in Foundation Stage

Children in Foundation Stage had an exciting start to the week, as ten quail chicks hatched on Monday morning. One chick sadly didn’t make it, but the other nine are looking healthy and rapidly gaining confidence. They are tiny balls of fluff at the moment and we are looking forward to seeing our new pets grow over the coming weeks.