At Bosvigo School we take on-line safety very seriously. We also understand how difficult it can be for parents and carers to understand potential on-line dangers and how to avoid them. So we have put some resources together for you to use. Further down the page are links to two on-line safety websites, a ‘safe’ search engine and the SMART key tips for staying safe on-line.

Click on the image directly below to be taken to an interactive guide from Childnet, showing some of the dangers on-line and how to help avoid them. It may take a few seconds to load.


Swiggle has a safe search engine, as well as lots of information and links about on-line safety.


Thinkuknow has games and videos to help teach children about on-line safety. It also has videos, guides and advice for parents and carers.


Kidsmart has lots of easy to find information for parents and carers about on-line safety.

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