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Netball Festival

Congratulations to our U9 LKS2 Netball squad! Yesterday afternoon 14 players of our LKS2 enthusiasts entered the Netball Festival at Truro Prep School. After a fun-filled warm up (meeting new friends and getting a little dizzy) we played a total of 9 matches.

Each match was played in 10 minute halves. During half time, we swapped our players so everyone played at least 3 matches each! All the teachers and parents who supported thoroughly enjoyed cheering us on and helping us improve our netball skills. For some of us, it was our first time representing Bosvigo as part of a sports team. An extra congratulations goes to…Mischa, Melody and Soleil! They immediately, “When is the next festival? Can we do this every week?”

The grand finale was a match on the large court, before retiring to a welcomed surprise of…biscuits and squash!

Thank you Truro Prep for having us; to Mrs Joslin and Mr Wallis for driving the minibus; to Miss Mitchell, Miss Robinson and Mr Armstrong for coaching us; and to ALL THE PARENTS who CHEERED US ALONG!