Governor committees

The Bosvigo governing board have full governor meetings four times a year and have a specific strategy meeting twice a year. The bulk of the work carried out by the governing board is carried out through three main committees:

  • Operations (chaired by Tim O'Leary). This committee looks at school budgets, premises, health and safety and personnel issues apart from staff performance and pay. Meets every 4 weeks during term time.
  • Learning and Development (chaired by Julie Sellwood). This committee looks at teaching and learning, pupil attainment and progress and safeguarding. Meets every 3- 4 weeks during term time.
  • Pay (chaired by Kyle Brown). This committee looks at staff (including teacher and headteacher) performance and pay. Meets once or twice a term.
Additional committees or panels may also be convened when required.

For full governing board and committee terms of reference please see the link Governors Terms of Reference inc Committees