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Jun 11, 2018
On Monday morning we held our annual Key Stage 2 Sports Day on the Donkey Field. In glorious sunshine, 180 children ran, threw, hopped, scrambled and climbed their way through nine challenges, supporting one another brilliantly all the way through. This y…
Jun 7, 2018
Hello all, Year 1 campers are all tucking in to a yummy meal prepared by the lovely Houghton family, big thanks to them. We’ve had an exciting, fun day and will have lots to tell you when we get back.
Jun 7, 2018
The adventures continue, canoeing was a huge hit for our group. A drink and off to the adventure quarry. The laughs keep coming. A great year 1 group, super team work. We’re so proud of them all.                
Jun 7, 2018
We’ve Arrived and are having a quick snack to fuel up before our adventures begin……
May 23, 2018
KS1 started their sports day with a fine extravaganza! The children paraded around the field wearing their fabulous masks, dancing and playing samba music in the bright sunshine- bringing the Carnival of Rio to Truro! We were delighted to see the large nu…

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