Regular, punctual attendance is vital for your child’s progress and happiness at school.

Many children feel uncomfortable and unsettled walking into class late and many classes have very specific morning activity or intervention group that takes place first thing. We try very hard to make every minute of the school day count! It is the parents and carers responsibility to ensure that your child gets to school in time. Children line up to go into class at 08.55am.

It is also important to be on time to collect your child. If you are held up and know that you will be late, please let us know so that arrangements can be made. It is also very important to let us know if you have arranged for someone else to pick up your child as uncertainty can be unsettling for some children. It is also a matter of safety that we make sure we are aware of who we are handing children over too.

Good attendance is always celebrated and rewarded in school and we strive to ensure that each individual pupil, class and year group and encouraged to actively think about their attendance and punctuality. We know that the secret to young learners’ success is through active participation and ensuring that they are not missing valuable teaching time.

If your child is away from school because of illness please notify us by phone before the start of the school day. We would urge parents and carers to avoid taking holiday and leave during term time as under the new guidelines stated Headteachers may NOT grant any leave of absence during term time unless under “Exceptional circumstances”, and then if granted the Headteacher shall determine the number of days permitted for leave.

Individual attendance rates are reported on, and a letter will be generated half termly for low attendance, lateness and unauthorised absence. Once a letter has been generated we will then continue to monitor the child unless we have been made aware of a specific medical reason. If there is not a significant improvement in attendance or there is consistent lateness and we have been given no clear medical reason for this then our school PSA will contact the parents or carers to see if there are any issues or significant problems that we can assist with.

The school Parent Support Advisor is Sarah Butter, she is happy to discuss any concerns parents and carers have regarding their child’s attendance or she can help support families if there are any specific issues about getting your child to school.

If your child’s attendance or punctuality does not improve or you take your child out of school without permission we can report this to the child welfare officer.