Sports Premium

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Our vision for PE at Bosvigo is to equip all children with the key skills, interest and enthusiasm to make sport, outdoor pursuits or dance activities both accessible and desirable to them in future life.We truly believe there to be a sport or active pursuit that will capture the interest of every child and hope all children will leave our school having discovered such an interest or passion.We believe PE can be a powerful vehicle to instil and reinforce the personality traits we look to encourage in all our learners: confidence, enthusiasm, resilience, independence, dedication, leadership and a love of learning.

We aim to show this through measurable and sustained improvement in extra-curricular participation and competitive involvement, underpinned by high-quality teaching that ultimately encourages children to opt for an active and healthy lifestyle both inside and outside of school.

What we do well:

  • The quality of the PE curriculum has improved.A PE specialist has been employed to teach PE throughout the school, co-ordinate the curriculum, oversee extra-curricular sports provision and support the development of PE teaching across the staff.
  • The level of pupils’ key skills (such as throwing, catching, balancing, spatial awareness and tactical awareness) has visibly improved, as has their ability to transfer these learnt skills to new games and activities.
  • We have created a curriculum that focuses heavily on key skills in Key Stage 1 and then applying these learnt skills to a variety of sports and games during Key Stage 2. This breadth of experiences is further enhanced by an extensive extra-curricular clubs list (we are currently offering 12 sports or active clubs) provided by both staff members and external providers.
  • 59% of Key Stage 2 children and 51% of children within the whole school have attended a sports or active club this year and 22% of Key Stage 2 children and 16% of children within the whole school have attended 3 or more sports or active clubs.
  • In order to increase participation in extra-curricular activities we have targeted our least active pupils, surveying them with the aim of establishing and addressing the reasons behind their lack of engagement. As a direct result, we have successfully included gymnastics and tennis clubs in our extra-curricular programmes and altered the times of the day when clubs are available.
  • Informal and formal intra-school competition has increased.Informally, in terms of small sided games and house competition during PE lessons and club sessions. More formal events include sports days, a table tennis ladder league and school qualifying events such as swimming galas and tournaments which lead to qualification for inter school events where the number of participants or entrants are limited.
  • We are part of the local sports partnership, enabling us to provide pupils with an increased amount of inter school competition.In keeping with our vision of engaging all children in physical activity we are striving to take ‘B’ and ‘C’ teams to competitive events as often as possible and so far this academic year 44% of key stage 2 pupils have represented the school competitively at an inter school level.
  • Leadership is a key part of both our PE vision and the whole school vision.We are keen to provide children with the opportunity to take up a leadership role in PE and sport across the school. Such opportunities include our Year 5 Playtime Pals who promote good, active play on a daily basis. We also encourage children to become sports leaders and adopt a leading role (both during PE and extra-curricular sessions) and some children have even adopted a coaching role at inter school events.58% of our Year 5 and 6 pupils have been involved in a sports leadership role.
  • Swimming is a real focus for us and children from Year 1 through to Year 6 take part in an annual block of swimming sessions. These take the form of weekly sessions in Key Stage 1 and during Key Stage 2 we have adopted a more intensive blocked approach aimed at not only improving swimming technique but stamina, which was identified as an area for improvement. Last year 89% of Year 6 children could swim 25m using a recognised stroke. We have also developed links with St Agnes Surf Lifesaving Club and the RNLI and Key Stage 2 children visit the beach every year to take part in a life saving award and Hit the Surf.
  • We feel outdoor pursuits and problem solving are key to building communication skills, confidence, resilience, listening and leadership skills. In addition to covering orienteering and problem solving in the PE curriculum we run annual residential trips for children who are Year 1 and above, all of which have a heavy focus on problem solving and the outdoors. We have also run an adventure club and our running club regularly visits local coastal/countryside spots.
  • Another important life skill we like to equip children with is the ability to cycle. Children learn to ride balance bikes during foundation stage, during which time the large majority also progress to being able to pedal. During Key Stage 2 we offer all children the opportunity to take part in Bikeability stages 1 and 2 to enable them to cycle confidently in the school playground and on quiet, local roads. We also offer regular bike maintenance sessions which are a direct result of the close links we have developed with Sustrans.
  • One of the biggest challenges we face at Bosvigo is a lack of space on our school grounds. This makes the teaching of certain sports and tactical strategies challenging. However, we have become extremely adept at maximising our space and making links with local sporting clubs and schools and using facilities in the local area to make the breadth of activity we strive to provide a possibility.
  • A real success story at Bosvigo has been table tennis.Our table tennis journey started when we bought some outdoor tables for breaktimes.This sparked an interest in and buzz around the sport and as a result we bought some indoor tables and started a club. Interest continued to grow, we arranged for a coach from a local club to help at some of our after school club sessions and we signposted children to a local club. We also set up a table tennis ladder league to provide children with intra school competition.This year more than 20 Bosvigo children have been involved with county level competition and above. Both our boys and girls under eleven teams were county champions and the girls team reached the last 16 teams in the country. The under 11s boys and girls individual county champions are also both Bosvigo pupils.

We have identified that pupil’s achievement will be even better if we…

  • resurface our school field with artificial grass, enabling it to be used all year round during break and lunchtimes, PE sessions and extra-curricular sessions.
  • continue to increase staff confidence in their ability to teach PE effectively, including practical staff INSET sessions.
  • allow as many children as possible to experience intra- and inter-school competition, providing staff release time to oversee, accompany and coach larger groups.
  • continue to invest in playground equipment and leaders to increase the amount of physical activity children choose to engage in on a daily basis.
  • provide additional, targeted swimming sessions to improve the confidence and ability of Key Stage 2 children who cannot swim 25m using a recognised stroke.

Please click on the links below to see how we have used our Sport Premium funding to enhance our provision of sport and physical activity at Bosvigo.

Download Bosvigo Sport Premium Statement 2017-18

Download Sport Premium Funding Introduction Nov 2014 (151KB)